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Peter Shapiro has had a wild ride recently. Last summer, he was the architect for one of the most ambitious, talked about, and successful events of the 21st century: the five concerts that made up Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead.

We talked about the magic that those shows had, the goodwill and the love that flowed among the hundreds of thousands who attended or watched from afar. And we talked about the magic and the fear of the unknown.

As so many of our storytellers have talked about, there’s a moment when ultimately you have to let go to fully live your life, to fully embrace your time here, even though every part of you wants to hold on with a white-knuckled grip.

As Peter says, there’s a moment to look up and say “okay, I hope it goes well.”

Peter’s newest project is a social media platform called Fans – Belong Here, a crazy-fun archive of musicians, shows, reviews, pictures, and like-minded people reliving the best memories of their lives. And it’s there that he’s again trying to help people access and connect with all those moments of magic.

We also talked about trying to do things the right way, and not always the most profitable way. If you have ever been to one of Peter’s festivals or shows at his Brooklyn Bowl venues or his beautifully restored Capitol Theatre, you’ve felt that touch in every moment of your experience. Because after all, “People have an inherent urge to be around magic.”

Read the full interview with Peter in our The Huffington Post article.

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