Our Partners

3-Minute Storyteller links arms with like-hearted organizations because together, we can more effectively be the change we've been waiting for.

Encore.org is building a movement to tap the skills and experience of those in midlife and beyond to improve communities and the world. Through their efforts, millions of people in later life are engaged as a vital source of talent to benefit society.

Generation to Generation, powered by Encore.org, is mobilizing people over 50 to help young people who need champions. This action-oriented community believes that the goal of later life isn’t trying to be young; it’s to be there for those who actually are.

Book for a Better Life is a prestigious awards program that honors excellence in self-improvement books.  Since its inception in 1996, the Books for a Better Life Awards has raised more than $2.5 million for research and support for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Kirkridge Retreat & Study Center is a place to be, and to become a people of hope, compassion, justice, and service.  Kirkridge serves people of good faith, no faith, and interfaith – providing safe harbor to all, to protect, tend, and embrace.

Listen First’s National Conversation Project: We’re proud to be in the company of change agents who are collaboratively promoting and practicing listening first to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides one conversation at a time. The National Conversation Project demonstrates what’s possible when we seek first to understand.

The Center for Partnership Studies promotes human rights and nonviolence, gender and racial equity, childhood development, and new metrics that demonstrate the financial contribution of the work of caregiving. Led by the scholarship of Riane Eisler, CPS catalyzes a movement where we empower, rather than dominate, each other. 3MS is honored to be Partnership Leader for CPS as we amplify stories that awaken our innate capacity for joy, creativity, and connection.

We’re always on the lookout for new partners whose stories we can help amplify. Think we’ll jive?

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