Anna Lovind on the paradox of releasing ourselves from saving the world

When we create our stories each week, one of the most agonizing decisions is what to call people. How do you distill a life—in the case of our storytellers, an otherworldly life—into the three or four words of a title scroll?

Meet Anna Lovind: writer, mentor of hungry creatives, and founder of The Creative Doer.

I spoke to Anna from her old log cabin overlooking a lake in the Swedish countryside. To get here, she took the courageous risk to leave her prominent New York City publishing career and her work with international humanitarian agencies. Anna generously invites us to dial into her hard-earned wisdom that came, in part, from this quest to transform her dreams into a new reality.

This conversation explores a significant paradox. When Anna released her need to help others and “change the world,” but instead followed her JOY – the work that made her melt – she found that her work had its greatest impact on the world.

Explore with Anna, what, precisely, is enough.


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